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Massive oarfish washing ashore cause California to brace for earthquakes

In recent days, not just one but two giant oarfish have been spotted in Southern California. These "sea serpents" can reach 50 feet in length, but they're rarely spotted because they're usually at great depth (3000 feet or so).

It's an ancient Japanese belief that spotting oarfish presages a massive earthquake, which does make sense since oarfish are closer to the center of the earth and they know what's going on. Tempting fate, Hiroshi Tajihi - deputy director of the Kobe Earthquake Center - told the Daily Telegraph "[b]ut these are just old superstitions and there is no scientific relationship between these sightings and an earthquake."

Who are you going to believe, Hiroshi Tajihi, or ancient, time-tested folk wisdom? I know my answer to that.

Here's video of the first oarfish which was recovered off Catalina Island:

And, here's older video of a live oarfish: