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Massive 771lb stingray poses with British, Thais

A world record stingray - weighing a massive 771 pounds and measuring 7' in diameter with a 10' tail - was recently spotted in Thailand posing with freshwater biologist boffin Ian Welch and his pals (link, link, link). The stingray initially resisted the posing, even going as far as dragging Welch across his boat. He (Welch) was there to tag various creatures as part of a conservancy thing or something along the Maeklong River. The ray - which was a pregnant female - was released and went on her way.

giant stingray thailand

There is some dispute over the weight of his friend, with some saying it was only a few hundred pounds. However, based on the fact that it took 13 men to assist in the posing, I will assume for the moment that the 771 lb. figure is correct.