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Huge marlin attacks fisherman

giant black marlin panama attack

Caught on video! A giant black marlin leapt out of the sea and smacked 18-year-old fisherman Stephen Schultz in the face, breaking his nose in several places and causing other lacerations. The fish was not caught. At the time of the attack, Schultz and family were on vacation in Panama, the marlin was on the end of a line, and Schultz was bravely trying to capture him. Details here or in When 600-pound, spear-tipped fish attack..... The latter has video, and the first has the following quote from the victim:

"I saw it coming at me. I didn't have time to react. I was in shock and I was scared."

Commentary: one wonders whether this story would have gotten any attention if he had just caught the fish without it jumping at him. As we all know, the MSM is woefully inadequate when it comes to covering giant fish stories, and most likely the only coverage in that case would have come from this site. How many more gigantic sea creatures need to attack fishermen before these stories get some attention?

7/27/05 UPDATE: Drudge is now linking to this report which doesn't have that much new information. The video also appears to be the same as that from KATU linked above, albeit minus the chattering news presenters.

Thankfully, it informs us that the victim is expected to make a full recovery.