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Pike ice fishing video is true 'cinema'

There are a lot of ice fishing videos available online, for everything from walleye to muskie to pike and beyond. However, once per decade, a video comes along that blows them all away and earns the coveted Fishosaur "Two Fins Up, Way Up" award.

And, "Pike 13.4 kgs( 29 lbs 9 oz)" is that video.

Don't let its prosaic name fool you. It has it all, including a long, introductory scene - shot in real time, cinema verite fashion - followed by a brief surrealistic section where the camera is turned at a 90 degree angle. However, then the tension begins, and the fish suddenly emerges from the ice hole (compare with deus ex machina from Greek drama). A modernistic, fast-paced section follows with the hook being removed from the fish's mouth using forceps. Then, the pike - the true diva of this extravaganza being lifted aloft to be weighed. The ending... well, I won't spoil that for you, but it will leave you wondering, "what happened?"

Bravo. Moltissimo bravo!