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Giant ocean sunfish forklifted away

You're going to need to turn your head sideways for this unfortunate picture [actually, this is another picture, the original one disappeared]:

That's an ocean sunfish, also known as Mola Mola, of the order tetraodontiformes. That picture was taken near Zamboanga City in the Philippines. These beasties can reach a ton and are most likely the largest bony fish in the world. And, according to this, they may contain toxins, but despite that some consider them a delicacy.

Supposedly Kamogawa SeaWorld caught the largest one of these: 8.9 feet from stem to stern and tipping the scales at 5071 pounds.

You can see a head-on drawing of a young one here, there are historic pictures here and here, and Kyle Weis was captured examining one here.

UPDATE: The original picture disappeared, so I replaced it with a picture of a Belgian holding a similar, albeit smaller fish.