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SPIDERS LIVE UNDER WATER (Argyroneta Aquatica)

Sorry to shout, but SPIDERS CAN LIVE UNDER WATER. Here at Fishosaur, we're all about ginormous and/or strange fishes posing with humans, mainly for the shock value of it all.

But, to our Board of Directors, there's nothing more shocking, scary, and downright frightening than the fact that a certain species of spiders - Argyroneta Aquatica - can live underwater. In fact, they go through their entire life cycle there, thanks to an "air bell". They trap air bubbles and then form them into the silvery air bell shown below using silk (link). They then use the air bell in part like a scuba tank and in part as a place to rear their young and eat their prey. The fact that they live in Europe and our Board of Directors doesn't doesn't matter, that's still too close.

This is like a huge, cosmic joke with you as the punch line.