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Giant Swordfish: netted or photoshopped?

Normally this site only features big fishes that are undeniably real. But, I'm expanding the charter a bit here to ask a question about the story "Giant swordfish netted" from England's Sun newspaper. Does anyone believe that this is a real photo of a swordfish caught off Northumberland in the North Sea? Does anyone who believes that that's not either a photoshop or a pre-stuffed trophy not also say 'cor blimey' every other sentence?

swordfish caught in north sea sun newspaper england

If this turns out to be fake it will shake my previously unswerving belief in anything I read in The Sun.

UPDATE: I may have to change my mind, due to the additional picture here (cached here). It's from Ananova, so you know this must be on the up and up.

UPDATE 2: The Beeb has this story too. I'm slightly more inclined to believe it, yet they offer little beyond what The Sun did, and nowhere in there is there any indication that they actually verified that it's a real fishy:

bbc giant swordfish