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Giant catfish caught in Spain

huge catfish spain

The picture of the giant catfish that Duncan Rooke (left) and Stephen Buss caught near Barcelona, Spain on July 6 2005 has finally been released. No, that's not a fake. (Same pic here).

The female catfish weighed a whopping 212 pounds (96 kg, 15 stone) and was 7'7" long (2.3 m). Rooke, Buss, and their new friend are pictured above in the River Ebro.

There's another picture here . The BBC reports that the Catfish Conservation Group says this beats the previous record ("Catfish Caught By A Briton") by 1 pound. Five stout men were needed to bring the massive sea creature ashore.

According to Rooke:

"It dragged me down the rocks. I nearly went in. God knows how I didn't... "When you hook one they are just unbelievable... "I knew I was toppling and I just let my weight go backwards and fell... Then it pulled me back on to my feet... They are scary things when you catch them..."

The Daily Mail quotes Buss:

"Two of us nearly had a hernia lifting her up the bank and we were shattered afterwards but we still had the energy to cheer and dance around her."

After an hour of admiring their catch and having it weighed and verified, they expelled air from its stomach and let it go.

Rooke, 32, lives in Woking.