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German man poses with alleged world record common carp

This video shows a German posing with his friend and business associate, the alleged world record common carp. I say alleged because the video is four years old (3.5 years in carp years) and someone else claims to have caught a larger carp. However, whether they're referring to the same subspecies isn't clear.

Rather than quibbling, I suggest just enjoying the video, especially the "techno" soundtrack (a genre that's very popular in Europe).

My German is a bit rusty, but as close as I can make out, he and his associate travel from town to town in Europe on modeling assignments, supermarket openings and the like pausing only to occasionally douse his partner in water. While catfish can weigh hundreds of pounds, and mola mola can reach over a couple tons, in Europe the common carp is revered for their pagan rituals, and a 76lb 7oz example is king.