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Max Mayfield, grouper in hot, salty water

Did political enemies of former National Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield "snitch" on him? That is the frightening possibility that first crossed my mind when learning that he was being investigated by the National Marine Fisheries Service, which is part of NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration). The NHC is also part of that agency.

It happened like this:

max mayfield goliath grouper

The day after retiring, he went on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico, and he landed a 200 pound Goliath Grouper, also called a "Jewfish" (I don't make up these names, people). They dragged it into the boat, took a picture, then released it. Only one problem: that fish is on the endangered species list, and even just pulling it out of the water may (or may not) harm protective slime covered the fish. Someone saw the picture in the paper and dropped a dime, resulting in the investigation. Just an over-zealous PETA member or the like? Or, something perhaps related to his work at the NHC? And, who else is in on the conspiracy?